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I’ve had the privilege of teaching with Kathy many times. I always learn from her, and am always very impressed, not only by her knowledge, but also her compassion, wisdom and talent for keeping the classes interesting and fun. You’re in for a treat and a marvelous learning experience that will give you the knowledge, confidence, and the tools you need for this life-changing experience of childbirth and early parenthood!

Penny Simkin, Author of;
Pregnancy Childbirth and the Newborn
The Birth Partner
The Labor Progress Guide

Kathy McGrath has a holistic sensibility about pregnancy, labor, and birth that is infectious. She guides new Moms and their support people to tap into the beautiful power that pregnancy holds.

Emily DeFerrari, CNM

Kathy’s classes are thoughtfully designed, and prepare the women and families I have worked with in labor phenomenally well!

Tina London, CNM

Kathy is an extraordinary woman. I can’t think of anyone I would rather have at my side in labor, or helping me walk the path through pregnancy, labor, and birth. A woman who listens, cares, and I can count on— always.

Judy Lothian, Author of;
Birth With Confidence: The Official Lamaze Guide

What Class Members Are Saying

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“Immensely instructive, insightful, helpful, and fun!”

“Great class! Wonderful instruction. I really appreciate Kathy’s way in the class. So glad to have had this experience.”

“I feel much more confident and empowered as a partner.”

“We loved being here and found comfort in learning about birth and how we can work together through the labor. This class was the single most important thing we did as a couple to prepare.”

“This class was educational and fun. Kathy is an excellent instructor. We enjoyed our time with her.”

“I felt very comfortable asking questions and Kathy was very approachable.”

“Kathy’s perspective is enlightening and very reassuring and empowering.”

“Loved all the relaxation and breathing techniques and practice.”

“This class far exceeded my expectations. Thank you for all the unbiased information. I feel more prepared and we feel more together as a couple.”

“I feel that we both learned a lot about birth, but most importantly, I feel the class has given me more confidence in my ability to give birth.”

“I am very thankful to have had taken this class I feel much more comfortable with the idea of labor and the actual birth now.”

Childbirth Education Classes

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